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RM Italy KL 503 HF Linear Ampiflier

RM Italy have been superb in their support of their products. I have been using the KL-503 for several months for AM and SSB use. I have a Bearcat 980SSB as well as an ICOM IC-718 HF Transceiver with the ll meters unlocked. This Amp has been invaluable to me because I need the extra power to reach ships out in the Gulf of Mexico that we are servicing. Ship to Shore communication is far too expensive at $9.00 / minute for our needs. Diagnosing problems, contacting us at the office, procuring the parts and getting them flown out to the vessels were costing us a fortune. Now, with the added distance and power that the KL-503 offers us, we are never out of contact. We have 4 200 Watt KL-203's that travel to the ships and this KL-503 in the office. We need another KL-503 for our Warehouse location as well.
Date Added: 05/24/2015 by DAVID GARDNER