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RM Italy HBF 1000 Automatic Low-Pass Filter, 1.8-55mhz, 1000W

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Coming this Fall, the RM Italy HBF 1000 Automatic Low Pass Filter

The HBF 1000 is a high power low pass filter, it's designed to be used with a transceiever or amplifier to reduce the unwanted harmonics
  • Covering all HAM Bands 1.8 to 55 Mhz
  • High Input Power 1000 Watts
  • 10 Five pole filters with automatic or manual insertion
  • Cut-Off frequency: 2-4-7.5-11-15-19-22-26-30-55 Mhz
  • Large LCD display for filter status and clock
  • Input Power: 500 W (HF)
  • Mode: All
  • SO-239 Connector
  • Max input Current: 1A
  • Fuse: 1.6 A

  • Model: HBF1000
  • Manufactured by: RM Italy

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 29 July, 2015.